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Multimonitor lag with Chromebook


Have been getting complaints for a while with end users seeing lots of lag while using a chromebook on multimonitors.  Video is super choppy and dragging windows or scrolling in browsers is bad as well.  If they move to their native single monitor they are fine.  As soon as they go back to multiple monitors with a resolution of 1920x1080 or greater it gets bad again.  Is this a limitation of ChromeOS/Chromebooks or a limitation in Workspace?  Anybody else seeing this?  I found this white paper that states there could be lag.  But should say there "will" be lag.  I havent bother calling support yet because it looks like this is expected behavior looking at the DOC below.  




"Using Citrix Virtual Desktops on dual monitors:

1. Click Multimonitor in the toolbar. The screen is now extended to both the monitors.


Limitations: • Citrix Workspace app for Chrome does not support full-screen H.264 graphics mode for multiple monitors. © 1999-2020 Citrix Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. 37 Citrix Workspace app for Chrome • The limit of the number of monitors is not hard-coded. The total resolution to be managed and rendered affects the limitation. – This feature supports two monitors. If you launch a session with the total screen resolution greater than [2 x (1920x1080)] pixels, you might experience screen lags. Monitor resolution limits can cause screen lags to occur. – The built-in screen of the latest Chromebooks supports a resolution greater than (1920x1080) pixels. The feature has not been tested on such devices. • In multi-monitor mode, full-screen H264 is disabled because of issues found during testing. – When you use one single, large external monitor, the issue does not occur and H264 remains running. Selective H264 also runs in this scenario. • When you use screens with different resolutions, you might experience performance issues. • When you use built-in monitors with higher resolution and external monitors whose resolution is low, performance issues might occur"



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We are having the same issue here. Our users kinda put up with it because, it is what it is. We are using Chromebooks/boxes for over 4 months now and I've been in contact with Google and Citrix regarding this issue but it has been silent for weeks now.


EDIT: After I stumbled upon the same information as given in the above post I decided to troubleshoot some more and I found out that if you change the resolution to 1280x720(60hz) on both monitors, it DRAMATICALLY increases performance. The couple of users I introduced this workaround to will gladly accept the lower quality of the 720p resolution for the huge increase in performance. This is the first real step we've set in solving this issue since Q3/Q4 2019.


I will bring this information to light in the mail conversation I have with the Google and Citrix guys.

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Thanks for the the reply DanielLI.  

Sure enough if we reduce the resolution on the 2 monitors to something that would have been except able in 1999 everything works way better on the chromebooks.  That's unfortunate.  Im hoping they fix this in the future releases of Workspace for ChromeOS or Android.  Course Workspace for Android has a way to go before we would even consider using it on Chromebooks.  its horrible.  

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