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Unable to use a smartcard on Ubuntu Mate 20.04 LTS / Workspace App 2004 / VDA 1912


My initial setup is as follows:


Host - Ubuntu Mate 20.04 LTS 64bit

Client - Citrix Workspace 2002 fired up by Firefox 76.0.1 64bit with openpksc11 module loaded

Citrix USB support package with cardreader passthrough allowed in config file

Virtual Appliance vDWP - VDA version 1912; Windows 10 1909

OMNIKEY Cardreader 3121 USB device

Latest Linux USB driver file 4.3.3 from hidglobal website

Opensc V20.0.3 (standard package with Ubuntu) 


This leads me through my company entitlement service to the point where the client is fired up.

My finding after the client is connected and fully started up:

Cardreader passthrough is not working properly,

There are no certificates shown in the cardreader software which is PKI basic Client V5.10 by ATOS.

The sign of the software in the taskbar is yellow and I get information about the cardreader type.


This renders my client unusable because many things depend on a working smartcard (mail encryption etc..).


More findings:

Microsoft TEAMS, which we use in a Citrix optimized version, shows no audio devices and the message that Citrix HD is not connected.

(Guess this is due to the missing overlay software that is needed)


Windows Audio works, mike is fine, camera does not work (VLC freezes).


The same client fired up in same Firefox 76.0.1 (also Edge, Chrome) on Win10 1909 host and Citrix workspace app 2004 works like a charm.


If I fall back in my Ubuntu and downgrade my configuration to Citrix workspace app 1912 cardreader passthrough is working!!


But I get no sound in any app.

So this also is useless for me because my day is halftime video conferencing.

My best guess is that there is something wrong with the Citrix app for Linux.


My sysadmins point me to this forum, they do not support Linux hostsystems.


Thanks in advance for any ideas

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