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HDX connector not optimized on a Chromebook

Larry Laurito


Hi. I installed the Citrix Workspace App from the Chrome Web Store extensions and it worked fine. There is one issue though when I launch a virtual desktop. It prompts that the "HDX connector is not optimized. It seems that the HDX realtime media engine is not installed. Whenever I use Skype, the sound is not clear and the microphone can barely be heard and cutting off.


Does anyone know how to install the HDX engine when using the Workspace app from the Web store?


I am using a Asus Chromebook Flip.



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Hi. Thanks for replying.


I have tried the Citrix Workspace App for Android on my chromebook but I could not get past the account setup. I get an Error code 548 "An error has occurred while connecting. Check your server address and data connection". I used this address both in the browser and the Workspace extension app and both able to connect and I can log in successfully.


I don't know if there is an extra step to make the Android app work.




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I found a workaround on this issue. I tried to log in using the "Add account type as a Web Interface" in the Workspace for android app and I am able to successfully log in with the HDX connector optimized/connected. Tried using Skype and it worked fine. I will use this option for now so I can start working while I figure out the solution of the earlier post.


Thanks for the replies and direction.

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On 5/30/2020 at 3:23 AM, Dmytro Bozhko said:

You could try to use Citrix Workspace App for Android on ChromeOS, instead of Chrome extension. Refer to requirements page:


I have to say this is a big missed opportunity for Citrix, the Android app is god awful on a Chromebook.  If they re-skinned the Android App to function like the ChromeOS native app then it would be much better.

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