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WEM Action Group Query (WEM 1909)


I think I could be just confusing mysel fhere but wanted to check from the (Workspace Environment Management 1909 PDF - Page 108) I get the first 2 bullet points but not the one I have highlighted in blue (below) 

For more information about how assignments work, see Assignments. When assigning action groups, there are several scenarios to be aware of:

• If you assign an action group, all actions included in it are assigned.

• One or more actions might overlap in different action groups. For overlapping action groups, the group that is processed last overwrites groups that were processed earlier.

• After the actions in an action group are processed, consider assigning the actions that overlap with those in another action group. In this case, the unassigned actions overwrite those that were processed earlier, resulting in the actions processed later being unassigned. The other actions remain unchanged.

So my question relates to;

If deploying multiple action groups within a configuration set (seems a logical approach to split setting for sub-set of users that need additional configuration (Apps, Drive Mappings, Reg Keys  etc) the above makes me think that actions from 1 Action Group are being overwritten by unassigned actions from another group. I could understand if you had two sets of actions both in Action Groups and Assigned that one woul overwrite the other (order of processing/priority assignment) but not this.

Does this mean that if you have 2 Action Groups and assign some actions from both to a configuration set (that unassigned from 1 group would be processed resulting in assigned action from the other group being overwritten.

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