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WEM System Optimisation - Question on Deployment Settings


Questions on Deployment (WEB 1909);


System Optimisation - Memory Management - with Working Set Optimisation Enabled I wanted to check;


1. Is it still beneficial to implement “Working Set Optimisation” on Windows Servers with a Fixed Page File on the OS Drive (1-2 GB), MCS created server with (4vCPU and 32 GB RAM) or to get the benefits do you need to have a system management pagefile.

2. If “Working Set Optimisation” is enabled does this still potentially lead to SAN Disk Thrashing due to the continual writing to the page file, regardless of the size of the pagefile.

3. Is the Default Idle Sample Time - 120 mins recommended to be used or should a smaller number be used, I've seen articles on SAN Disk Spiking and wanted to check if this was a problem created by adjusting this setting to low - say idle sample time - 5 mins

4. Cortex XDR - Next Gen AI Security Solution - has protection built in to prevent its Memory being adjusted, I presume these processes should be excluded from memory management is that correct?

5. Do Citrix have any additional guides that identify specific processes that should be excluded from System Optimisation (CPU, Mem or I/O) for products that may be deployed such as Next Gen Security Solutions, AV Products etc.

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1. No difference with set or system managed page file - WEM is going to spank it. I don't enable it unless memory is constrained and disk is rich

2. Yes. It will punish the page file

3. Stick with defaults and work backwards if you enable it 

4. yes, suggest exempting AV from memory management for the most part

5. not outside of the Skype for Business recommendations - each environment is different, i have seen environments need to exclude outlook, and others are fine - enable and monitor - you will know soon enough :)

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Hi James

Thanks for you reply, the servers aren't to constrained memory wise 32GB with 12-14 users just like the idea of reclaiming RAM as we do sometimes get alerts for Resource Spike that are RAM related.

I have WOS enabled a on test server but in reality it only has a few users connected so not a real world example of users using a system so not sure if the PageFile hammering would be visable yet, the servers are on Tier 1 SSD Disk so may be able to handle the load in production but I'd need to test more to check.

In relation to the WOS exclusions as Skype is one element does that mean that potentially as MS Teams starts to replace Skype it would be excluded ?

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you will definitely reclaim the memory - WEM does an amazing job, but it's at the price of paging - if your SAN can handle it without issue then you will get some wins for sure


Yes, for the most part, anything audio/visual should be excluded - teams.exe, zoom, Skype, anything in that space should usually be exempt



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