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No Audio after first login with User layers




I have a VMWare pool built with App Layering, Full User Layering. After first login the audio fails on VDI VM (audio device dissapears or not working). I have found solution on CTX227094 (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX227094) but it indicates the issue is solved on versions 4.5 and above, and now I have


Is it the same issue comming back to this release?



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We would need to analyze your use case to determine if it is the same issue. I suggest you open a case, But, before doing so check if the same failure happens with User Layer disabled. Note the results in the case.


There is a fix related to the audio registry data, included in our latest release, 2003. You seem to be at that version, so a case would be best.

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