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Netscaler Service Group effective state Partial-Up issue.. URGENT!

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NetScaler VPX 12.0.


Hi, Any help with this issue will be highly appreciated! as this issue causing us a lot of disruption.


We are having an intermittent issue with our Exchange Service Group; occasionally it's effective state changes to "Partial-Up". 

Which causes issues with Exchange services, and users can't send/receive emails.


This service group has 6 different exchange services which are bound with "http" monitor.


During that issue, Logs shows "missing ack" from one or more of exchange servers and after few seconds it changes to success (received ack).

BUT Service Group stays in "Partial-Up" state.

We then manually unbind/bind of the monitors to restore the exchange connectivity. 


Any thoughts??  

also what is meant by state "Partial-Up".


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Partial UP means if you have lets say 6 services bound to the LB vserver then few are down and few are up. Hence Partial UP is the state.


It seems few of your servers are missing the ACK. i.e Netscaler sends the SYN but is not getting and ACK.  In such scenario after 3 failure( or configured) Netscaler marks the service as down.

Possible reason for missing ACK could be:-

* The servers are overloaded at that time

* Are the same servers goes down always. Is there a pattern. May be you can check the Servers event logs to find out if something happened

* Re-configuring monitors makes them UP means there could be arp issue as well

* Try increasing the timeout of the monitors. May be timeout is very less due to which ACK is not received within the stipulated time.

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