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URL Transformation is not chancing all url's

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I am using the URL Transformation function to use an external url with a different internal url. This works fine, but...

In the code the HTML function srcset is used and it looks like the tranformation function doesn't work with that function.

The result is  (see internalurl): 


<img width="230" height="90" src="https://externalurl/folder/wp-content/uploads/image-230x90.png" class="attachment-dw-focus-archive size-dw-focus-archive wp-post-image" alt="" srcset="https://externalurl/folder/wp-content/uploads/image-230x90.png 230w, https://internalurl/wp-content/uploads/image-300x117.png 300w, https://internalurl/wp-content/uploads/image-768x300.png 768w, https://internalurl/wp-content/uploads/image-1024x400.png 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 230px) 100vw, 230px" /></a>


Is it possible to solve this? I want that all internalurl are rewritten to externalurl. 

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Hi Ross,


This is the config. I've changed the real url's to internalurl and externalurl.

add transform profile PROF_URLTRANS_MOBILE
set transform action ACT_URLTRANS_MOBILE -priority 10 -reqUrlFrom "external.url/folder/(.*)" -reqUrlInto "internal.url/$1" -resUrlFrom "internal.url/(.*)" -resUrlInto "external.url/folder/$1" -cookieDomainFrom external.url -cookieDomainInto internal.url
add transform policy PL_URL_RW_ACT_URLTRANS_MOBILE "http.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQ(\"external.url\")" PROF_URLTRANS_MOBILE

bind cs vserver CS-MOBILE-HTTPS -policyName PL_URL_RW_ACT_URLTRANS_MOBILE -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression NEXT -type REQUEST


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I recently tried to use URL Transformation to do something very similar (in our case, we were obsfurcating the internal URL as it contained "useful for a hacker" information) Whilst it partly worked, it had issues, so we ended up just using a pair of rewrite policies, one converted the links in the outgoing body, the other converting the URL in the incoming GET request.... 

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