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How to set Citrix VPX Release 13.0

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Hi. I'm starting now to learn how Citrix works and all its features, so I'm really a novice.


My company has been a Citrix partner by a few days, and thanks to the partner account I downloaded various products. I installed a LAB that works locally, after I connected to the company in VPN, and works with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR.


Now I wish I could try to connect from home but without the company's VPN, but with Citrix ADC: if I understand correctly, Citrix ADC shows a public IP and provides its own VPN.


Not being an expert, I don't know how to proceed: I installed Citrix ADC 13.0-52.24 for ESH and installed. I set up the NSIP for management and now I can't proceed.
I don't know if I need a license or I can still try for a few days to get at least the complete configuration. On the one hand I would like to give the ADC a public IP (for now the company's IPs are busy, so I would like ADC to answer on the public IP port 8000, to allow colleagues to turn the door of the public IP already engaged on the other ports. Then, on the other side, I would like to talk to the Delivery Controller, which already works, with Storefront still using http (not https), and which is already on the same ADC subnet.

Maybe exist a step-by-step guide that can help me?


I hope I have been clear and can have some help.

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You can go through the link



To answer:-

* Without License it will work with basic feature for 5 concurrent sessions

* Public IP you need to have one which you will use on the Netscaler Gateway or Nat it. For Lab purpose you can use a private ip but if over internet users have to access then Public ip is must

* Port 8000 can be customized while configuration

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I think there's a more fundamental issue here: if you have an unlicenced version 13 unit, then it is a "Freemium" edition, and the Freemium version doesn't have the Citrix Gateway feature in it any longer (and that's what you need for VPN / ICA Proxy etc access to your network).


Once you put a partner license on it, then you'll have a VPX (1000) model, which DOES have the Citrix Gateway feature, and - because partner lics are Platinum /  Premium, you get unlimited Gateway licenses.

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Hello Andrew, 


Welcome to Citrix Discussions forums! 


There are so many great, new features across the ADC, ADM, and Gateway portfolios that will help organizations scale, provide better performance for remote workers, and give IT admins the visibility they need to monitor user experience and all applications, whether on prem or in the cloud. If you are looking to upskill your self in Citrix , check https://www.netcomlearning.com/products/155/citrix-netscaler-adc.html, and stay safe!

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Goodmorning everyone. I apologize for the delay in this reply. I thank everyone for the answers, they have all been very useful.
I followed all the posts and I was able to understand: as Paul_Blitz said it was the Freemium version, and following the links that you all gave me I managed to solve.
Little by little I am joining the Ctrix world :)
Thank you all!

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