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Closing Microsoft Edge published from Windows 10 relaunch itself with black screen

Kevin Tang


Hello everyone,

I have a very strange problem.
I published the Microsoft Edge browser (the old one, not the chromium one) from a Windows 10 VM.
I can run it in the Citrix StoreFront. But after I closed the published Edge, it will relaunch itself again with a black screen:





If I try to close it by clicking the red "X" in the task bar, it will just relaunch itself again with a black screen:



I check in the Connection center of the Citrix workspace, the "Microsoft Edge - \\Remote" is there and I need to Terminate it in order for it to stop relaunching itself.


The citrix DDC, VDA are all in 1912 LTSR.

Thank you guys.



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OK I end up finding the solution by myself. So for anyone that encounter this problem like me, here is the solution:


It is because by default the legacy Microsoft Edge will prelaunch at the background whenever system start up, idle or when you close the Microsoft Edge (so that Edge open faster then any other browser, classic Microsoft), so just follow this page and config the two group policy:


And the problem will be gone.

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