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Slow connexion to old farm Xen5 after 1912 migration

Martin Tardif

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I have a 1912 Farm which i just upgraded from 7.15 CU3. It was working #1 before the upgrade. The storefronts of this farm are linked to many other farms (6.5 and 5) that aren't in the same domain as the 1912 one.

With one of those farm (xen5) since i upgraded to 1912 when a user connect to an application it takes about 1 minute to start the application (Old VDA2003). The problem happend whatever receiver/workspace version is used and it was working perfectly in 7.15.

On my receiver it seems to get stuck at verifying my identication then the window just reduce and wait about 40 seconds before opening. During this wait there is nothing in the "connexion center".

What log can i look at to see where it is waiting and is there any default settings in 1912 that wasn't there in 7.15 like TLS versions or LDAPS something like that ?

Any other ideas ?

Thx !




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