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Netscaler SSL VPN multiple domain and Content Switching

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I need a Netscaler for the SSL VPN and i hope i can use one interface external with an internet IP address.

And then i will use vlan and set a SNIP address in the network there the  domain is.

And most i will have a Content switching for the connection for domain1 example vpn.domain1.com is check in the CS and use SSL VPN with specific cert and so on to the right VLAN.

And second domain vpn.domain2.com to a different vland and cert and so on.


IS this possible with the Netscaler Advanced.

Or did i thinking wrong?


I now that i can use different ports or different ip external.

But i will use the Content Switching.


And another woundering can i use the traffic management instead of Citrix Gateway for the CS?




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The problem is you can only have a single vpn vserver behind the cs vserver.  CS can be used to switch between a vpn vserver, authentication vserver, and multiple lb vservers; but it can't be used to switch between separate vpn vservers.  I think you need to think about the traffic flow, authentication separation, and the network access whether 2 vpns or 1 vpn doing both is needed.


You can deploy a single vpn vserver (with aaa-traffic management integration) for multiple domains; using an nfactor authentication policy, domain dropdown list  or based on internal vs external ips, you can switch users between domainA vs domainb, but the vip/port would be on a single vpn vserver. 


If you had to use cs for this, you would have to do it via vpn vserver1 and an lb vserver2 with redirect policy to get to gateway2.  


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