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how to NOT expose type LoadBalancer citrix-ingress-controller

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There is no direct way to exclude a service of type LoadBalancer from exposure by cietrx-ingress-controller.

However, indirectly service can be not exposed.

Service of type LoadBalancer will not be exposed if IP, on which to expose cannot be obtained.

Basically, External-IP in kubectl get service should be in <pending> state.

This can be achieved as follows.

 - service should not be exposed by some other means, since this will, most likely, populate status section and citrix controller will expose the service

 - if citrix IPAM is used, assign service.citrix.com/ipam-range to some value that does not have configuration in the IPAM controller spec, like "no-range" or something

 - service should not have loadBalancerIP filed specified in the spec

 - NS_VIP environment variable should not be in the citrix controller spec

 - service should not have service.citrix.com/frontend-ip annotation populated

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