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Right Signature Migration - Are the Prepackage Template options available in new API methods?

Bridget Sonntag


Hi.  We have a couple of questions as we are attempting to integrate to the newer Right Signature APIs.


We use integration for sending a lot of employment documents to candidates and previously used the prepackage template - supporting multiple guids to construct the package of documents to send.

We have not been able to find the corresponding method in the new documentation so can you please clarify

  • Whether there is one and what it is ? 
  • Does this method support multiple Ids with comma delimited compared to the old version?  (output being one document package for user to sign)
  • How can we migrate our old version send document to this method ?   POST /public/v1/reusable_templates/:id/send_document


Also please advise whether it is possible (given our account has migrated already) whether we can continue to use the integration from our Classic Rightsignature account as we have are obviously having some issues getting integrated with latest changes. 

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