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Unable to launch the iOS enterprise Application


Hi Folks,


We have an internal  iOS application which is wrapped and the mdx version is used by the XenMobile users without any issues since last 6 months.

Recently our application team informed us to publish the iOS version of application as an Enterprise application in XenMobile without the wrapping.


We published the Enterprise application in XenMobile server and when we tried to launch the application we are getting an error “cannot reach the company network”.


Basically, the application is trying to reach out to an internal server over port 80 and this server is already reachable from Netscaler using the subnet IP.


Please let me know your valuable suggestions to find out the cause and fix this issue.


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yes, but what I don't get is if your uploading it as an enterprise app, you're loosing the possibility to reach the internal Webserver over the NetScaler as there is no MDX.


The only exception is if the MDX SDK is embedded by the developer, but there you still need an MDX file in XenMobileServer

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do you upload the file as a new enterprise app?

Is the legacy MDX still in the system? I could think of that XenMobile is confused if you use the same bundle id for the MDX and enterprise version.


Moreover, the Message "connot reach the company network" comes from the MDX Framework. do they use now the MDX SDK?

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It is worth ensuring that iOS only gets offered 'one' copy of the application from the Store. In other words, it is usually a bad idea to allow iOS to 'see' an MDX copy of the app and to also 'see' an Enterprise copy of the app listed at the same time in the Secure Hub app store.


For iOS, it should be expected to work ok so long as the App Bundle ID is only offered one time in the Store. On Android, things can be a little easier but it can go wrong on Android if the same Package Name is installed multiple times on the device itself.


As best as I can tell from your scenario, the test devices might well have had the MDX copy of the app installed at some time in the past. You might have some success with using https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenmobile/server/policies/app-uninstall-policy.html#ios-settings first, to make sure there is no trace of the old App Bundle ID for the MDX instance of the app, before trying to redeploy the Enterprise version of the app again.

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