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Session Timeout and Sign in Time Out on Storefront

Arasu M

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Hi All, 


Would like to know what is the diff between Session Timeout and Sign in timeout in Storefront. I have set different values for these 2 but nothing worked as expected.


Can you please help me to understand this. Thank you.

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Hi ,


Session Timeout: This applied to Receiver for Web. After logon inactive users are logged off after the specified duration. The default value is 20 minutes


Sign in timeout: This is the timeout duration for the Receiver for Web logon page. The logon page times out after the specified duration if there is no activity on the page. The default value is 5 minutes. NOTE: Sign in timeout is recommended to be lower than the session timeout


For more details browse through the below mentioned CTX article.


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Thank you Anjanib, I already read that article still have some queries.


My storefront says

Session Timeout : 1 Hour ;  

Sign in Timout : 5mins


May I know at what time user session will be logged off considering no activity on the page. 

Also, what does it mean "This applied to Receiver for Web"

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Hi ,


A session timeout interval is provided to restrict the time duration for which a session remains active when not in use , So in your case it is set to 1hour and  if an end user leaves the session without any activity for an hour then the session timesout and the user gets logged off.


Where as Signin timeout is the duration after which the logon page times out  if there is no activity on the logon page.


These settings are applicable when user tries to log in through Citrix Receiver for Web site which is a website used to launch apps or desktops.


Hope I answered your questions.




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