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Stop a published application from launching other apps in the session

Chris Fitz-Gerald


We have a published app, lets call it AppA. AppA allows our users to access corporate information. However, AppA also sometimes has a link to a website. If the user of AppA clicks one of those links, it will open a web browser on the VDA and deliver it to the user inside the ICA session. Some users have even been able to access the task manager of the VDA with certain key strokes (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).


I don't want this to happen. I only want the user to be able to access the published application. Is there some way I can whitelist/blacklist the executables that the published app can invoke?


I know that we need to lockdown the VDAs so that even if a Published App somehow also launches a browser, task manager, or other app, the user wouldn't be able to actually hurt anything. But Citrix usually has such helpful policies to make this kind of stuff easy for admins to lock down, I'm surprised I can't find a simple checkbox to block this.


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