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ADC Time Drift

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I'm seeing the time drift on several of my ADCs, but not all of them. One of them was over 300 seconds off.  These are VPX instances running on the SDX platform. The SDX clocks are all in sync.

It's happening on both version 12 and version 13. Citrix support has not been helpful since I can't point to a specific time or event that caused it. I wouldn't have noticed but our OTP functionality stopped working. I had to kill NTP and restart the process. After doing that, the time synced back as expected.

Has anyone ever seen this before or know of logs that would show the drift?

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Sorry, I should have outlined the basics first. We have a total of 12 VPX instances, all using the same NTP servers.  Some of the VPXs have skewed time and some do not. When looking at all NTP settings and show commands, it looks like its working as expected. The NTP service just isn't updating the time on the VPX.

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