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JsessionID & Client Idle Time

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Hi All,


I configured JSessionID with great help but have one question about JsessionID & Client Idle time. Basically what I want to achieve is persistence based on JsessionID however I want users to time out if the session is idle. I have added a screenshot of the my config. Does this achieve what I am trying or do I make any more changes?




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Two different timeouts.

Persistent timeout: is an idle timeout for how long to continue tracking persistence.  (Which you have as 240 minutes in screenshot I believe).

If a user makes a request, the persistence is based on their current jsessionid. Each time they come in with same jsessionid, the persistence is reset and therefore extended. (So is their connection timeout...).  If the user fails to return before the persistence expires (or if the jsessionid were to change), the user would get a new load balancing decision.  Persistence timeout is used to determine at what point the user can use a new load balancing decision.


The client timeout is the connection timeout (if set on the vserver) and is a client idle connection timeout. If after the first request a user doesn't return to the vserver, the ADC will close the connection after the idle period of 7200 seconds (that you have set) (120 min, i think).  The two settings are independent of each other, but you might want to see if your idle connection should be shorter than your persistence (only a problem if the jsession id would change prematurely.)


If you want your persistence reset if idle at a shorter interval than 240 min, then your persistence should be 120.  The question is are you trying to use the client idle timeout to reset persistence (vs connection close) as opposed to the persistence timeout being shorter (persistence is already an idle timeout.)


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client idle timeouts manage connection timeouts and generally shouldn't be 2 hours; the default for web is like 2-3 minutes client side and 5-6 minutes server-side.

Persistence is tracked independently of connection management.  A 2 hour client connection timeout runs the risk of creating a connection management overhead on the ADC (potentially, depending on volume of traffic).  And usually a 2 hour connection timeout would not be desirable for web-based content.


The point being timing out the connection will not timeout the persistence decision.  As the JSessionID should still be valid even if the connection is reset.  I would just be cautious that you actually need a connection idle timeout of 2 hours  instead of just the persistence at 2 hours (or whatever the interval should be, which still isn't clear in your scenario).


Fix the persistence timeout first; then decide if you actually need a connection timeout different than the default (because it is already timing out idle connections).  Longer is not necessarily better for the connection timeout.




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