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Xenserver 8.1 NFS storage mount renamed, the VM's have no harddrives due to changed NFS SR location, relink the storage to the VM's is required.

Justin Munro


This should be easy for Xenserver guru's

Xenserver 8.1

NFS shared datastore: vm's created on the data store,  the name of the NFS SR was to be changed by forget and reassign method.

All vm's have disappeared after the NFS SR name change.

How ever on the NFS volume, the original vhd file is in tact, ls -a /nfs/VM/fe7841cf-2570-e0a7-107f-ac5c8be67258/b4af646a-7500-41a4-9286-c1866d8774ac.vhd

uuid has changed from fe7841cf-2570-e0a7-107f-ac5c8be67258 to 39e2677c-3e0c-7960-c29d-3cf54be3def5

On the Xencentre the VM information is also intact but has no disk "unknown", because the path has changed. Tried to attach through xencenter, but cannot browse the NFS share anly local storage can be browsed.

Is there away to import or reconnect/relink the vhd immage to the VM's

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The NFS SR places its VHDs into an SR specific folder in the NFS. What you have here is not the original SR but an entirely new empty one.

I don't follow what you thought you were trying to achieve here but after detaching the SR when you came to reconnect it if you had clicked Scan and then selected an existing SR in the lower box it would have reattached the original SR instead of creating a new empty one.

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Sorry I am a VMware guy, this is my fist introduction to Citrix Xen.

What method would be used to recreate the associated volume?

Adding the volume with the same name creates different uuid:

 102 May 20 22:12 39e2677c-3e0c-7960-c29d-3cf54be3def5/
 54 May 18 17:57 fe7841cf-2570-e0a7-107f-ac5c8be67258/

Is there no way to mount, import or reattach the vhd to xencenter? [/nfs/VM/fe7841cf-2570-e0a7-107f-ac5c8be67258/b4af646a-7500-41a4-9286-c1866d8774ac.vhd]


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4 hours ago, Mark Syms said:

The forget is fine, so long as scan is used on the recreate and the old SR uuid is selected from the list.

Sure, it's just the destroy that makes it unrecoverable. I was trying to clarify that in light of the forget command being used, my earlier PBD destroy/plug was not a helpful response.

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If the VHD files are still there, and it looks like they are, then you haven't performed an SR Destroy (which as Alan says is unrecoverable).


So, Detach the NFS SR and forget it again. Now Add New Storage, Select NFS, add the NFS server details and click scan, the lower box in the dialog will list the SRs it has found on the storage, select the one that starts fe7841cf and click finish.


As an example here's what it looks like on my test server.



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