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How can I Shutdown or Restart a large number of VMs quickly?

Jimmy Raborn



I have 1000 non-persistent VMs in a Delivery Group.

I've updated, tested and promoted my image. 

There are 100 vms that do not have logged on users.

When I select these VMs and either Restart or Shutdown, Studio accepts the command. 

I watch the VMs from from the VMware web interface and they are slowly issued guest shutdown then power on commands over the course of 10 minutes in blocks of about 10 VMs at a time.


Desired behavior:

I select 100 vms, and choose to Restart or Shutdown and they do that command as soon as possible. Our infrastructure can handle it.


Is there a Powershell command to enable such behavior? I could write a Powershell script to look for VMs that are powered on but with no user and then trigger New-BrokerHostingPowerAction or the PowerCli Restart-VM command but I would like to be able to do this faster in Studio.


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