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I need to set up automated reports to be sent from ADM to slack.


According to ADM I need to provide a channel token for this, however slack support from my company tells me such thing does not exist and official slack documentation seems to confirm it: https://api.slack.com/authentication/token-types


Does any one have any experience with this? What token should I use and where to find it?


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This is an old thread, but I found it trying to get Slack/ADM setup, and found the documentation to be not helpful. 


When you try to add a Slack profile from within a notification workflow, it wants a Token. In ADM, if you go to Settings -> Notifications and then select Slack and then Add, you can pick between "Notifications" which wants a Webhook URL, or "Notifications with Attachment" which wants a Token. I did not have any luck getting the token to work, but when I selected "Notifications", I was able to use the Webhook and it worked fine. 


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