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User Personalization Layer 1912 - location for store, error when logging on

Cindy Vickers




I've deployed UPL in my Citrix test environment running 19.12 with Windows 10 1809

I setup the UPL store on the same server as my UPM profiles are stored.  Disk space wont be an issue and the server runs on HA storage.  Is there any implications with having it located on this server or anything else I should be aware of? 


UPL is working fine but I'm getting the error 'the system was not shutdown properly.  Please log off immediately and contact your system administrator'.

The delivery group is set to 'shutdowndesktopsafteruse' but this is not happening.  After a manual reboot and log back in the profile and associated UPL loads fine. 

I had logged on as a domain admin in my golden image so I gather this has caused the issue.  Is there any way to fix this yet or should I just redo my Windows 10 golden image.

Thanks in advance

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no solution for your question, but doing tests myself with UPL and Win10 (2004) provided via provisioning services.  I have the same problem plus the effect some services do not startup (mostly citrix services) after creating a new imageversion So i am not shure what is the best way to prepare and maintain the image to avoid this errors. And have anybody tested with PVS so far?

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Hi Andreas, sorry for the delay in replying.

My issue was due to logging on with a domain account which is what I had suspected caused the problem.  Once I recreated the image and only logged on with a local admin account to make changes I didn't see the problem again and after a user logs off the Windows 10 VM the reboot occurs like it should.

Not sure about the other issues you are having sorry

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