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Enable ADFS Proxy on Citrix ADC


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I would like to configure our Citrix ADC 13.0 as an ADFS proxy.

I tried to follow the example of the ADC 13.0 documentation https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/13/aaa-tm/adfs-proxy-wsfed.html

But I'm lost, I don't understand what the IP for the ADFS service and the for the load balacing service correspond to.

In my infrastructure I have 2 ADFS servers with an NLB which has a VIP, an ADC in DMZ with a private ip for the ADFS proxy (in the example and a public IP which is redirected to the IP private.

Have you already done this configuration following the example in the documentation?

Is there a link that points to a real example?

Thank you.

Best regards


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Hi Patrick, is ADFS server IP is your NS LB


Check this might help 





I have done the slimier setup for one of my customer.

I had 2 WAP servers in DMZ and NS LB VIP for ADFS servers.





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