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Remote Desktop User for a Single User on XenApp 7.15


We have one specific user who gets the rrror message "The task you are trying to do can't be completed because remote desktop services is currently busy" when he tries to launch a Published application. 


After a couple of retries the user is able to login without any issues. When the reconnection happens it is only to one specific server in the Silo.

The Application is installed on a 4 server Silo. There are other users who can login into the same application without any issues.


Environment Details

- Windows 2012 R2

- XenApp 7.15.

- Citrix UPM for Profile Management


Troubleshooting Performed

- Profile reset has been performed numerous times and no progress.

- No stuck/ghost sessions on servers.

- No left over profiles on the servers.


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