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Citrix ADC, HA INC and GSLB

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We have two datacentres, one production and one DR,  each with a different subnet range. Our netscalers are VPX.


I have successfully configured GSLB in a proof of concept deployment that successfully distributes a different IP addresses depending on which datacentre becomes active.


However when I reconfigure the two Netscalers and a active\passive HA configuration with independent network configuration, I find that it effectively disables GSLB as failing over the netscaler does not enable the correct IP address.


Is their any way to enable active\passive HA across different subnets as well as enabling GSLB across different subnets?





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Too clarify on Diego's comment:  HA allows two ADC's (usually in same datacenter) to be managed as a single unit with a shared config in an active/passive relationship. It is done for appliance resiliency; if one fails, another takes over.  Typically HA is only done for devices in the same location or very-low latency split datacenters. INC mode is used to ensure more parts of the config like routes/snips remain unique if the two appliances are not deployed in the same datacenter.


GSLB is for independently functioning appliances to be part of an FQDN to IP resolution decision process and involves separate appliances in separate locations. GSLB is used for datacenter failover. Typically, an HA-pair (A and A') would be deployed in datacenter 1 with a second HA-pair (B and B') would be deployed in datacenter 2.  The GSLB config would be between the pairA and pairB (not members of teh same pair).


Because in HA only one system is active at a time. GSLB is multiple live ADC's participating in a GSLB-based dns resolution solution.   Your solution above sounds like you tried to assign GSLB partners on members of the same HA pair, which is not possible.  

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