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"Your apps are not available" or "Cannot connect to server" - wrong setup?

Eric Marre


Hello together,


I created a small sample Citrix installation with a DeliveryController, Licence Server, Storefront and SQL running on one machine and running a Multi-Session-OS VDA on another machine. The whole installation should only be available from intranet, so there is no remote connection. For storefront I created a HTTP store with authentication method "usnername and password", "domain pass-through" and "HTTP Basic" (so I do not use HTTPS). For all applications I am using the latest version and the same admin user.


For provisioning I start a virtual machine manually and login via RDP. Using this method I also installed the VDA on the machine.


With this setup it was possible to sucessfully create a site, a machine catalog, a delivery group and I can also add applications that are sucessfully transmitted from my VDA (e.g. I see the calc application with icon) to delivery controller. In Citrix Studio it shows, that the VDA is registered and connected, so this seems to be ok. I thought that this setup would be feasible to start with, but when I was trying to connect via CitrixWorkspaceApp I get numerous errors after installation depending on parameters I used:


1. When I install CitrixWorkspaceApp with

CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe /silent STORE0="Store;http://myhostname.corp.example.com/Citrix/Store;on;Citrix Apps" ALLOWADDSTORE=A STARTMENUDIR="CitrixApps"

after installation its throwing:

"Your apps are not available at this time. Please try again in a few minutes or contact help desk with this information: Cannot contact Store"


2. When I execute the same but with URL http://myhostname.corp.example.com/Citrix/Store/discovery I get an error that is "cannot connect to server"  and it shows a try-again button. 


When I go to the url http://myhostname.corp.example.com/Citrix/StoreWeb I can login but it shows again that there are no applications or desktops.


I ran the "Healt Check" and it displays the following for my VDA: "Session launch services display invalid status" and it says for example that "Citrix ICA Service" might not be running (same message as CTX227526). I checked it on the machine, and the service does not exist (even though other services are there and running). I also repaired and reinstalled the VDA on a fresh machine, but without success.


I am trying to fix this issue since a few days now, and I would be really happy and thankful if any of you could help or would have an idea how to proceed.


Thanks in advance!


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