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Latency when working on NetScaler VPN

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We use a NetScaler Always On VPN setup (ADC version 12.1, Build 51.19) and today we're having reports that users connecting using this are experiencing latency through this method that isn't present when disconnected from the VPN. I'm experiencing this myself and when connected to the VPN my latency is getting into 3 figures at times, but when disconnected and using the same device and internet connection it drops down to 11-14ms. Then when connecting to the VPN latency jumps up again. Examples of the latency are below.


This isn't something we've noticed previously and seems to have occurred today, although we're not aware of any changes. Has anyone else experienced this before and does anyone have any suggestions on where we could look on the ADC to begin troubleshooting into this?





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How's your VPN configured, is it Full or Split tunnel?


If it's Full then your ping will be travelling from your client machine down the vpn tunnel before being routed from the NetScaler to The reply takes the same route on the way back. This could add a significant number of hops.

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