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Load balancing of delivery groups - ignore power state

Christoph Witthalm


Hi All,


Basically I am aware of the way how the Delivery Controller is balancing session within a delivery group.

But I was not really aware that the power state is also important for the load balancing.


Dos anyone of you know how I can “exclude” the power state status from the load balancing process?

It’s a similar question as in the following post: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/408347-delivery-group-load-balancing-does-it-avoid-power-state-unknown-machines-if-it-can-713/


Our environment is running on 1912 LTSR and VMware vSphere 6.7



Something happened overnight that all our servers hosted on the same vCenter host changed the power stat to “unknown”.

Initial this was not a problem as the load balancing works fine as all servers had the same status. Later in the night one server of our desktop delivery group did a reboot.

After the reboot the rebooted server was listed with power stat “on” and the Delivery Controller send all new sessions to this particular server with ends up in an unavailable service to our users.

After a reboot of the two Delivery Controllers (maybe a reset of the Citrix Host services did also the trick) all servers hosted on the “broken” vCenter changed the power stat to “on”


Thanks and cheers


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