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10gig FC NIC shows in xenserver 7.2 but guest VM showing 1gig


I have plugged 10gig FC NIC card in a Dell R730 server & installed Xenserver 7.2.


Then, installed a guest VM of Windows Server 2016 with xentools & assign 10gig FC NIC card to this VM.


ethtool command shows 10gig speed on xenserver level but not showing 10gig in VM & also not getting 10gig speed in VM level.


Please help me.


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If the card is on the HCL and you have any latest drivers applied, then you will likely have to go through Dell/Citrix as to what is wrong.

I guess there could be some misconfiguration somewhere like your traffic going over a management interface, or an upstream router

if those VM's are on different subnet/vlan's. 




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