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App Layer fails to create new layers

Aacutelvaro del Pozo


We have ELM connected to a vcenter 6.5 and we have applied the permissions indicated in the official documentation.


When we try to create a new layer or version the process fails with the following error:



We have verified that this is a permissions issue as we have provided administrator permissions to the service user and it has worked well.


Does anyone have the necessary permissions to configure in vmware vcenter 6.5? (other than the official ones)

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I was finally able to fix it with the help of my vmware manager.

we have had to add more permissions than those detailed in the official documentation.



It is essential that the service user has these permissions:


Host > Configuration > System Management
Host > Local Operations > Create virtual machine
Host > Local Operations > Delete virtual machine
Host > Local Operations > Reconfigure virtual machine




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Thanks for the answer, Rob.

We don't have ACLs in place.

The only restrictions applied are user permissions at the vcenter level.


These are the permits we have in place:

- Vcenter level Permissions:

Virtual machine > Inventory > Remove


- DataCenter level Permissions:

Datastore > Allocate space
Datastore > Browse datastore
Datastore > Configure datastore
Datastore > Low level file operations
Datastore > Move datastore
Datastore > Remove datastore
Datastore > Remove file
Datastore > Update virtual machine files
Datastore > Update virtual machine metadata

Folder > Create folder
Folder > Delete folder

Global > Cancel task
Global > Manage custom attributes
Global > Set custom attribute

Network > Assign network

Resource > Assign virtual machine to resource pool


vApp > Add virtual machine
vApp > Assign resource pool
vApp > Assign vApp
vApp > Clone
vApp > Create
vApp > Delete
vApp > Export
vApp > Import
vApp > Move
vApp > Power off
vApp > Power on
vApp > Rename
vApp > Suspend
vApp > Unregister
vApp > View OVF environment
vApp > vApp application configuration
vApp > vApp instance configuration
vApp > vApp managedBy configuration
vApp > vApp resource configuration

Virtual machine > Configuration > Add existing disk
Virtual machine > Configuration > Add new disk
Virtual machine > Configuration > Add or remove device
Virtual machine > Configuration > Advanced
Virtual machine > Configuration > Change CPU count
Virtual machine > Configuration > Change resource
Virtual machine > Configuration > Configure managedBy
Virtual machine > Configuration > Disk change tracking
Virtual machine > Configuration > Memory
Virtual machine > Configuration > Modify device settings
Virtual machine > Configuration > Remove disk
Virtual machine > Configuration > Rename
Virtual machine > Configuration > Reset guest information
Virtual machine > Configuration > Set annotation
Virtual machine > Configuration > Settings
Virtual machine > Configuration > Swapfile placement
Virtual machine > Configuration > Upgrade virtual machine compatibility

Virtual machine > Interaction > Answer question
Virtual machine > Interaction > Configure CD media
Virtual machine > Interaction > Console interaction
Virtual machine > Interaction > Device connection
Virtual machine > Interaction > Power off
Virtual machine > Interaction > Power on
Virtual machine > Interaction > Reset
Virtual machine > Interaction > Suspend
Virtual machine > Interaction > VMware Tools install

Virtual machine > Inventory > Create from existing
Virtual machine > Inventory > Create new
Virtual machine > Inventory > Register
Virtual machine > Inventory > Remove
Virtual machine > Inventory > Unregister


Virtual machine > Provisioning > Clone template
Virtual machine > Provisioning > Clone virtual machine
Virtual machine > Provisioning > Customize
Virtual machine > Provisioning > Deploy template
Virtual machine > Provisioning > Mark as template

Virtual machine > Snapshot management > Create snapshot
Virtual machine > Snapshot management > Remove snapshot
Virtual machine > Snapshot management > Revert to snapshot

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6 minutes ago, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

If you have set those alll at the vcenter level it should be fine. I would just go throw our list one more time yo make sure you got them all. I know a few of them change names slightly in each vsphere version.  


Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately we can't apply all the permissions at vcenter level because the security department doesn't allow it.

What I find more curious is that it works correctly if we provide administrator permissions for the user at the data center level.

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