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XenApp 7.6 Seamless apps and Session Sharing


Hi everyone,


Yes Yes I know, 7.6 LTSR CUx is old, it's not my environment but I got thrown into a weird troubleshooting situation:


  • For the most part launching apps from StoreFront works fine. The client has 2 Data Centers and use SF Icon Aggregation. If you launch apps from SF in a timely manner, they all launch fine and are all on the same Session Host and obey session sharing.
  • I call out in a "timely manner"....meaning the first app being is launched with a bit of a pause before clicking on the next icon and the ones after or at least when you see the first app is busy launching before clicking on others 
  • Once the first session is truly established and the app is open, it doesn't matter how quickly you click through the SF apps, they follow the firs session and all apps are opened from the same Session Host which is exactly what we want.
  • However, if they click on multiple SF apps in quick succession (as in first thing in the morning), some apps are now launched from another Session Host and not obeying session sharing. These apps may even be launched from a server in the other data center, but the string of opened apps are session sharing there too....just that it's not on the first app session on the first session host
  • This is not the Desktop session vs Seamless App launch issue - it's just that the users click the SF icons too quickly and don't wait for the first session to launch before opening remaining apps. I don't even know if this can be controlled ? Wouldn't the Broker need to first do it thing, know about the first session before knowing what to do with subsequent sessions?  Can this tolerance be decreased?


I've been looking into the tolerance policy but not sure if that could be it (haven't tried).


Anyone come across anything like this before? 




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