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Export Storefront configuration from Netscaler to web server

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I can't find a way to edit my storefront files while they're running off Netscaler (NS12.0 63.13.nc) so I assume I have to export them into a webserver-based instance of Storefront, edit them there and then import them back into the Netscaler?  I've found articles describing how to export SF from a webserver to another webserver and even webserver into NS, but not NS to webserver based SF.  Any suggestions?




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Thank you for your prompt responses.


Sam, I wanted to modify the web.config to hide and unhide app/desktop/favorites tab.


Rhonda, my netscaler does host a storefront site, or at least a Netscaler Gateway with all my old Storefront settings.  Is it fair to say Gateway is just the Netscaler version of Storefront?

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Your NetScaler is not actually hosting your StoreFront site. You are authenticating at the NetScaler, and then, once authenticated, the NetScaler hands you off to your StoreFront site, which is running on a separate web server.


The web.config you are referring to is on your StoreFront server, not on the NetScaler.

Which of the tabs on StoreFront do you wish to hide.



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That was my original thinking as well, but the webserver that originally hosted the storefront is long gone and netscaler continues to serve this role, despite being rebooted several times.  I always assumed the NS internalized the Storefront settings and no longer needed the actual site. If the netscaler is cooperating with a phantom storefront presence somewhere, where would I find it's address?  

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It looks y'all are right, it appears to be running the web interface, not storefront:


Configure NetScaler Gateway Session Profile > Web_Browser_Profile > Web Interface Address = https://ouraddress.com/Citrix/RedHenRemoteWeb.  Override global is checked.


This is surprising to me; it is applying the storefront theme and it presents like the old storefront server we used to have.  I was also under the impression that web interface had been discontinued.  So at this point, I guess I'm interested in editing the web interface and eventually migrating to storefront.



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The field name is a carryover from Web Interface. The value you have in that field points to a StoreFront server (or a load-balanced vserver pointing to multiple StoreFront servers). I can tell by the URL. StoreFront sites end in /Citrix/<something>Web, while Web Interface sites end in /Citrix/XenApp/ (by default).


So, you are already on StoreFront. The question is which version. You can find that out by going to the StoreFront server, clicking Help | About Citrix StoreFront:



... which will show you the version:


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I found the Storefront server! It's running on a XenDesktop server and now I vaguely remember deploying it during a late night Citrix emergency.  It's running Version: 1906.1.0.27 so I guess I need to update that.  Thanks for hanging in there.


So there are actually 3 session policies and I'm trying to understand how they work together:



Web Interface Address: blank



Web Interface Address: (our internal storefront server)



Web Interface Address: https://desktop.companydomain.com/Citrix/RedHenRemoteWeb (our external URL)

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AC_OS_xx and AC_WB were profiles created by the NetScaler XenApp/XenDesktop wizard.

AC_OS_xx would be the profile used by any native Receiver clients (now called Workspace App). This includes the Workspace App for Windows, and the iOS and Android clients.

AC_WB is the profile used by the Receiver for Web client, which just means that the browser was used to connect to StoreFront (for internal users).

The Web_Browser_Profile was manually created and seems to be the one used when external users come in via the NetScaler.

You probably have 2 gateway VIPs - one for internal users and one for external users.

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