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PVS Server timeout when changing vDisk from private to standard mode

Robert Raschke


Hi all,


I have just installed a new PVS 1912 lab environment. This is the only PVS server in the farm on vSphere (Win2019, vmxnet3-nic, VMware Tools 11.0.1). Streaming vDisks runs fine, no problems at all.


When changing a vDisk from private to standard mode (Cache to RAM, overflow to disk), I sometimes get a "Server communication timeout". As a result, the console crashes, the change to the vDisk is made (can confirm this be restarting the PVS console), but there are two "empty" drives in explorer. In the console, the vDisk still has an exclusive lock from the PVS server. The lock can be cleared, the two emtpy drives remain. There is no size on the drives and no content, the drives are even not visible in "diskpart". I have found no way to remove these drives if this happens without restarting the server.

But: the server will not restart anymore, it hangs forver at "Restarting" or "Shutting down". Only a hard reset from the hypervisor console helps. After the reboot, the additional drives are gone.


Btw: We have two domains in a forest, but only one is used for PVS and the associated accounts. Settings as of CTX231194 are done, no change...


Has anyone seen this? I have a case open with Citrix at the moment, but this is a back and forth at the moment and takes time.







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Hi, Robert: 

The blacklist in CTX231194 is for when there is a very large environment and we are timing out when authenticating the account.  In your case with only two domains, it would not be necessary I think.


I hope you are able to provide some diagnostic traces for your case!   Without traces, there is no way to know what the VMWare is saying back to PVS when changing the disk. 


You don't need any target device traces for this issue, just the traces from the PVS server.  Use the latest version of CDFControl  (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX111961), and a special CTL file to collect the events from PVS.  (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX272405)  


This will speed up the answer to your case. 

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On 5/17/2020 at 11:27 AM, Ricardo Holdorf1709160685 said:



what you explain most happens when the streaming process runs with network service account. When you change to a local admin service account you don‘t have problems on that.



Thanks, admin permissions for the service account solved the issue. 

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