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Cannot Install Citrix Workspace 1912 LTSR on Windows 10, Error Message

Alex Silva1709162034


Hello Everyone.


I was having issues with my remote desktop so I got the instructions to re install it. I downloaded the uninstall tool, I removed it, rebooted pc, then i downloaded the most recent version Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR for Windows, then I tried to install it, but iIjust got an error message saying, "this is not the most recent version of citrix, we reccomend to download and install the most recent one from the citrix website". All I can do is click  and close the error message and thats it.


Do someone know why this is happening and what can I do about it?


In advance thank you so much.

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16 hours ago, Manoj Rana said:


It seems you already have Citrix Workspace installed on your machine or bad registry entry.


You said it is Windows 10 did you download from app store ?Can you run the Receiver Clean-Up Utility from here and reinstall the Citrix Workspace.





Thank you so much for tha answer.


I was looking that i was not aware the problem is citrix is not uninstalling from my computer, Yes I am downloading and running the uninstall tool you provided but it keeps on my list of software. so we need to check that step first, any other suggestion?

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