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Director MAS configuration

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I have been having some difficulty getting the MAS integration working with director.  I have followed the instructions on this blog post to get this setup, https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2016/10/12/configure-director-with-netscaler-management-analytics-system-mas/


However, after several attempts, I still am having issues getting it to work.   The network tab in director still displays 

No details are available.

Network configuration is missing. Please open Help to learn how to configure or remove Network.


I have been unable to find a log anywhere telling me what is causing the issue, or if something is amiss.

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When you runt he "director" integration command, which IP are you using?


On Director:

cd  c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Director\tools

director /confignetscaler


When it prompts for what it says is the "netscaler ip", what it really needs is the Citrix MAS/ADM IP Address.


Then on Citrix ADMIN, you have to enabled the appflow policy to gather data on one or more vpn vservers.


So first, do you have director pointing to the correct ADM IP address to be able to pull appflow data.

Then do you have the correct appflow/logstream integration policies on Citrix ADM and the Citrix ADC (netscaler) configured for appflow HDX Insight reporting.


There are a couple of layers to troubleshooting needed.






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You will only get info in director for sessions going through the gateway; internal users will of cousre not be reported.  Just good to double check the essentials before looking at other issues.  If director prompts for credentials in addition to IP, it is the ADM account and not the NetScaler account.


If HDX insight has details; but the session in director does not, there may be another issue.   


Confirm versions of ADC firmware, ADM version, and Director version and CVAD/XD version.



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Verify the following ::

1. Use the ADM FQDN instead or IP when configuring director script to reference ADM.
2. Replace the ADM TLS cert with a cert trusted by Director Server.
3. Make sure there are no FW blocking https:443 between Director and ADM.
4. If network capture trace from Director shows TLS handshake problems (and you don't know how to fix them) use HTTP only instead HTTPS when integrating director and ADM




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