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Strange WEM 1912 issue




We are using XenDesktop (1912LTSR) and WEM on our Win 10 machines.  We only use published apps and we have had to publish an old app that took some doing, but now runs fine on our Macs.  To get the app to work we have had to create an external task in WEM that creates some folders in the users %appdata%.


Anyway on the Mac the app opens file, however on PCs it doesn't and we have found the WEM external task does execute fast enough or WEM is slower is some way.  If we open another published app first like Chrome then wait 20 seconds then open this old app it always works.  Opening Chrome first allows WEM to execute the external command in a fashionable time we think.


We have no idea why it works on all Macs and not on any PCs unless you open another app first.  On the PC is seems the published app is opening before WEM has finished on the PCs.


What can I do to allow WEM to finish first or delay this certain app opening for 10-20 seconds to allow WEM to finish?


I think I could use a batch file to run the app instead with a delay, if this is the way to go does anyone have any knowledge on how to startup and app in Poweshell with a delay?



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I know this sounds more like a WEM issue, but I'm going to throw this out just in case too. We had a custom app that reads a set of license files on launch. We have UPM with profile streaming and the files weren't copied over in time by UPM for the app to read them. I came up with a silly solution to "type" all of the files in the folder during logon so UPM would bring them over quicker. 

As for launching an app with a batch file with a pause, you might just be able to use TIMEOUT   or in PowerShell: Start-Sleep. Then launch your application.



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Hi James, thanks for replying, I'm excited about trying this.


So I need to publish VUEMAppCMD.exe as an App instead and add my app to the command line argument (optional)?


I see they just used notepad.exe, but I need to run something like this for our app to run, do I just put in where notepad.exe is?


"C:\Program Files (x86)\app1\bin\app1.exe" -p c:\app1\file.g  -H -N TCP -S 1433 -db sms  -d dmy -basekey "INI" -ininame C:\app1\config.ini



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Hi James, I did just that on Saturday and created a simple batch file to run instead and put on the master image and it looks like it’s all working.  I’ve got a few testing it today across the UK (via their homes).


I might look up using PS or VB instead of a batch file as I’m left with a black cmd box behind the published app.


I have not researched on how to create and run a program using PS or VB though.


thanks again btw

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