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Intermittent logon problems


XenDesktop 7.15 system I've inherited and have been struggling with for almost a year now.

The major problem is logons being intermittently denied or hanging at the windows welcome screen. If they get an error message, its about machine availability 'published resource not available' or similar, when there are machines available.

There is no session in Director to logoff (although I'm noticing Director seems to take a long time to update information, or gives entirely false info)

Event viewer on the delivery controllers and storefront have no entries for the username.

If the user persists, it will usually let them on eventually with no changes made (but not always).

Adding more VM's to the pool has greatly reduced the number of incidents however, I still get examples where there is a machine available with zero other users logged on but it continues to hang at welcome - in those cases the workaround has been to move them into a different machine catalog and the logon then proceeds normally. Or...sending Ctrl,ALT, DEL sometimes pushes it forward.

Clearing browser history, deleting the ica files makes no difference.
The same gold image, same GPO's and same profile system is in place for both machine catalogs but swapping users between them resolves the problem, for a while at least.


We are due upgrades to the servers (session hosts are still 2008 R2) and probably to the Citrix software in general so I'm left wondering if I've just got an old, temperamental system.

If anyone has had similar problems though, suggestions would be much appreciated.

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