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XenServer installation on RAID1 - one disk failed - problems after rebuild

Josef Wageneder


Dear XenServer experts,


After exchanging a faulty disk in a RAID1 configuration and successfully rebuild I have a problem with the XenServer installation on it.

The XenServer is a 7.1 LTSR and one server in a pool of three.


The server started well, but seems to stuck in maintenance mode.

If I do a pvscan, vgscan or lvscan the commands stuck and I don't get any results.


Could you help me with this problem?


Best regards,




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Hi Alan, Tobias,


The first thing I did was a reboot, it didn't work. Should I do the fsck manually after rebooting in emergency mode?


It has been a RAID1 configuration all the time, one disk failed. I don't think that it is possible to temporarily disable mirroring.

It's possible to delete the array, but I don't think that this is a good idea.


Best regards, Joe


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You might want to disconnect the replaced drive and let the fsck work on the alone drive, then

add the replacement again once XenServer starts acting right. Of course it might not be a 

filesystem issue, but a corrupted Xapi issue. With a pool not such a big deal, but a standalone

server you may have to reinstall with the preserving local storage option.





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