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Equivilent to qfarm

Dave Lee1709161134


Hi all


I seem to remember in the past there was a way to use the qfarm command to artifically change the load reported by a server so it wouldn't have any sessions brokered to it.  The commend isn't available on current versions it seems.  Is there a new way to do this?


Essentially, we're provisioning our XenApp servers from a gold image but we have a process that runs before some applications will run and it can take 20 mins after a machine comes up.  We have disabled the Citrix Desktop Service and have a startup script on the machine that checks to see if the process has completed and, when it does, starts the Citrix Desktop Service and the machine registers.  It doesn't seem like the right way to do this though.  Apparently there have been cases where the machine has been restarted because it isn't yet registered, which interrupts the process.


Ideally I'm looking for something I can run on the XenApp server itself as that's where the script is running to check everything is ready for user logins.




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Hi James


Thanks, always good to have a second opinion.  Will stick to how I'm doing it currently in that case and have the start-up script start the Citrix Desktop Service.


I did look at BIS-F a little while ago but I haven't done recently.  I have a PowerShell script at the moment clearing logs down, deleting profiles, running Citrix Optimizer, etc.., before sealing the image.  I guess BIS-F might pull some of this together.






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