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HA Cabling for a MPX-5550

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We have two MPX-5550 appliances (12.1 56.22).

The heartbeat connections are connected over an Extreme switch. 

The question is, can the heartbeat connection be direct connected between the two MPX-5550 appliances bypassing the network switch?



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No; adc appliances should not be plugged into each other for HA as a reboot or failure of one appliance makes the interface look down on the remaining "up" appliance triggering a potential second failover.  HA communication is NSIP to NSIP and is usually conducted via the network.


link aggregation and being sure there isn't a single point of failure in the network due to link and switch redundancy is a normal config.  Settings such as route monitors can be used to avoid split brain scenarios (but may not be needed here.)


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