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How to build a custom logon schema to insert user defined response back to the OTP challenge. For Radius authentication <- with built in sms/call solution.

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Hi Citrix Masters and Gurus, 


Currently using the standard default LDAP -> nextfactor Radius auth NoSchema.  (One Identity Starling 2FA solution)


  -Everything works except during the OTP challenge page, users have to type in the method of delivery instead.   Text format (SMS, Phone, Push, or the Code on the App)


My goal is to see if we can add response buttons at the OTP factor / challenge step,  so that the user does not have to type "SMS", "phone" or "push" to get the code sent to their registered numbers from the 2fa solution.


Question:  Does this take creating a custom logon schema XML, define policies bindings and http body respond text expressions in order to make the 3 buttons display during the Authentication factor-> Radius ->  OTP challenge?  Shown in the mock up picture that allows the user to push buttons to respond to a token challenge string.


*I've tried to follow Cisco's Duo MFA guide from https://blogs.serioustek.net/post/2018/04/27/duo-prompt-and-netscaler-nfactor-auth,  <-Great impletation guide by Jake.   but DUO is a more mature solution that uses different service ports for each toke delivery action (sms, phone, push).  It also have built in support for rfwebui.  


One Identity Starling Radius only supports basic Radius OTP string response to initiate the method of token delivery.


Thanks in advance.




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