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nfactor EPA scan passed but getting can't complete your request error

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Hi Everyone,


I am having a test environment where i am trying to POC a solution. I want to have my users LDAP as first factor  and post successful authentication, end devices need to undergo an EPA scan (second factor) for some prerequisites. To achieve this i followed available documentation and configured things in order.


I have created AAA vserver, authentication profile, Logon schema, authentication policies and policy labels. On AAA vserver i  have LDAP authentication policy bound as first factor and EPA scan label as next factor. I am using standard singleauth.xml schema. For testing i am running a basic EPA action (if Domain joined and Mozilla Firefox is running) and both tests should fulfill from my test machine. I have attached AAA authentication profile to my gateway and have a session policy bound to gateway. 


My issue is as soon as i get pass EPA scan, I get this error 'Can't complete request'. This comes immediately EPA plugin finishes scan and i am about to see storefront dashboard. Looks like some error in application enumeration or launch. Upon investigating event log, I see few events like below. 


Prior to this i tested everything from gateway (with basic authentication) and things were working smooth. I am using a wildcard AD CA cert which is bound to AAA vserver and gateway both. I am running Citrix ADC . Any help would be highly appreciated. 




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1 hour ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

I wonder if you need to capture the first password in a AAA attribute and a Traffic Policy to send that AAA attribute as the password. 


Hi Carl, Thank you for your response. Yes, I tried setting up traffic policy & bound it to gateway but still same result. I followed steps provided in your article. Do I need to try something else?




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