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Error Starting Machine. Invalid Disk URI


XenDesktop 7.1912 farm.  Connecting to Azure to create VMs.  Subscription and permissions was handled using the Hosting Connection Wizard.  We can create our machine catalog fine, but whenever we attempt to start a machine, the action immediately fails and we get the error: "Error Starting Machine. Invalid Disk URI: <Resource Group/DiskName>".  Has anyone seen this before?  We can create a brand new VM manually in Azure fine using that disk but it appears something is wrong because the machines won't start when created with MCS.  Thoughts?

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Additional troubleshooting shows that even though the task in Citrix is showing as successful, it never creates the Base snapshot inside the resource group.  This explains why we get an error saying invalid Disk URI because the base snapshot does not exist.  Any ideas on why Citrix would believe everything is successful but in fact the base snapshot disk never gets created?  It creates the identity disk, network security group, network interface, and storage account fine.  It just never creates the base snapshot disk. 

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