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Content switching app is half working

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Ok this is a weird issue that I cannot figure out... We have an application on the SDX platform that is setup through content switching. When the users access the app it works until they try to generate a report and print to pdf. At that point, printing to pdf does not work. 


Now if we do the same steps above but bypass the load balancer, it will generate the report and print to pdf successfully.


Any ideas on this one? Or what I should be checking?


Using NS13.0 47.24.nc.



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For content switching, your cs policy is likely not catching all of your requests and these "missing" requests are dead-ending at the ADC with no destination.

To troubleshoot, 1) create a default lb vserver destination that either gets to the backend or goes to a server who can provide an error page, 2) run a trace, 3) look at a header request utility and see which requests are failing and how many times the default destination is being hit (or use the trace to figure out which requests fail) and then update your policy for the missing content OR use the default destination to catch any missing content and direct to backend destination.


odds are your cs policy can't handle the .pdf requests and its not being sent to the lb vserver OR the protocol is switching from the http/https  you are using to a protocol or port you are not listening on also affecting which traffic matches.


But a network trace and a web header request tool should help you figure out which content is being missed to update your cs policy.

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If Rhonda is right (I guess, she is), you would see some 500 (internal server error) in HTTP responses from ADC to client. You could see this even without doing a network trace by pressing F12 in most browsers and see network data.


A cs-vserver always returns a 500 if no policy was hit.


An other method would be, attaching a http vServer as default and bind a logging policy to it, logging every request. You would see which requests did not get catched by your cs-policy. See here. The logging action would be something like HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME+HTTP.REQ.URL

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