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Anyone successfully monitoring VPX Services and VIPs with Solar Winds?

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3 hours ago, Michael Medwid1709157745 said:

I've not been getting traction getting this answered in the Solar Winds community. 

Perhaps someone here in the Citrix forums has this figured out. I want to monitor VPX

services and VIPs hit counts, upness and throughput over time. Anyone have

this sorted out? 


Mostly It's very straight forward. You need to add SNMP community string and SNMP managers. If flows (SNMP port 161 & 162) are enabled correctly at firewall level, Solarwind poller server will be able to poll basic data out of appliances. For me it was number of users connecting to gateway and resource utilization of appliance. OID can further help you passing component specific data to solarwind. 




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I found a universal poller data set on Thwack. But after associating it with the VPX node, no data is displayed. I have the snmp community all setup. That's no problem. 


I think via the universal poller I have the right OIDs. But now I still can't get any data displaying in solar winds. Frustrating.


I've attached the UNDP.


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I have just recently built several graphs from UnDP pollers to do this in Solarwinds to monitor RnatCurrentSessions, tcpSurgeQueueLen, tcpSpareConn, httpErrServerBusy, tcpErrIpPortFail, and tcpAnyPortFail. 


I then built a UnDP multiple poller graph to graph the SurgeQueueLength with tcpSpareConn, like the graph we get in the GUI on the ADC.


If you have access to the UnDP poller application in the Solarwinds server, it is relatively easy. One has to fiddle with the MIB Value Type, and SNMP Get Type to get the numbers right based on how you want to measure. 


I also have some real time(non-historical) tables with some of those stats built with SWQL queries tested in SWQL studio. You need to install the SDK for that, and, of course, have access to the Database.


I had to figure most of this out myself. There was not a lot on Thwack, and Solarwinds do not give support for UnDP pollers and/or the API. 


I had started on vsvrSurgeCount and svcGrpMemberSurgeCount, and getting that table correct, looks like it's going to be difficult, and I may need to do it with another custom SWQL query. 




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