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Clientless Access Bookmark tokens apart from %username% ?

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Does anyone know if there are any other supported Tokens in Bookmarks apart from %username% ?

We have senarios where we want to allow user access to Home Drives using the Enterprise File Share option in the X1 Theme, but different users have more than one Home Drive 'root location'.


User1 = \\share.example.com\folder1\storage1\user1\

User2 = \\share.example.com\folder1\storage2\user2\

User3 = \\share.example.com\folder2\files\user3


I can specify something like \\share.example.com\folder1\storage1\%username% successfully.  But as users have multiple paths, so was hoping to create a Bookmark specifying something like the AD attribute %homeDirectory% or similar.


Anyone aware if there's anything like that possible..? Thanks

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