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Can't use published Chrome - redirected to local Chrome on the published Desktop

Jesse Reppin


Hi to all,


since we have updated to VDA 1912 LTSR we have some problems to open published App Chrome on a published Desktop with a local installed Chrome.

This is needed because the published Desktop is in a separated Network without connection to the internet. The lokal installed Chrome is for internal WebApps only.


When I open the published App Chrome the start dialog pops up short but without any login and than the local Chrome is opening. No sessions to the other Terminal Servers that hosting the published Chrome.

The Delivery Group of the published Desktop is not hosting the published Chrome App.


I don´t have enabled a new Policy like Browser Content Redirection or Bidirectional Redirection after the update of the VDA´s.


Have anybody any ideas? Thanks a lot for the Time,


Best regards!

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My bet is that you are running into this, https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX232210


We recently ran into this issue after updating some components, Citrix switched the default to launch Apps Locally if they are detected as being installed. 

This screwed us up as we have a bunch of apps that are run from a Powershell script.  While Powershell is installed locally on our Published Desktop, the Apps that launch from the Script were not available locally. 

We had to Run the powershell commands to set "LocalLaunchDisabled" to $true for the affected apps. 



Delivery Controller (PowerShell)

The Delivery Controller 7.17 Broker includes PowerShell support for the new VPrefer feature:

 A new LocalLaunchDisabled property has been added to the Set-BrokerApplication and New-BrokerApplication cmdlets

By default, the LocalLaunchDisabled property is set to $false, which means that by default, the Receiver for Windows VPrefer policy can successfully allow local installs of an app to launch instead of the published app equivalent

If the LocalLaunchDisabled property is set to $true, the published app will always launch, no matter what the Receiver for Windows VPrefer policy is configured to

Admins can check the current LocalLaunchDisabled property value for each published app by using the Get-BrokerApplication cmdlet

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