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Workspace - Could not account error

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Hello Guys,


I've encountered an issue using the Workspace with Storefront store configured to use Citrix Gateway.


All the users have to access their published apps via Citrix Gateway (Storefront isn't public facing).


When adding the account users will type in the Gateway URL then they are prompted to enter their credentials after which they receive a "Could not add account" error.


This store is configured as not advertised.


Enabling verbose logging on Workspace i see those lines:


Receiver_ log file:


[2020-05-05 00:12:32:521] [3012] [networklocation.cpp:331] Location for url https://storefront.domain.local/Citrix/Roaming/Accounts is OUTSIDE  ---> This is the Service URL for INTERNAL beacon


[2020-05-05 00:12:31:494] [2076] [networklocation.cpp:482] DoHttpGetThread success for https://gw.domain.xx:4432/
[2020-05-05 00:12:32:521] [3012] [v6interfaces.cpp:124] CSDKLocationAwareness::GetNetworkLocationForStore, storeAddr https://storefront.domain.local/Citrix/Roaming/Accounts
[2020-05-05 00:12:32:521] [3012] [srstore.cpp:290] Gateway selected by user doesn't match any from the store. Using default from store: https://gw.domain.xx:4432/




I have another store apparently configured in the same which is working nice.


Tried to figure out the issue with no success.


Any ideas ?





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from Storefront exported  .cr confg file using  function "Export Provisionig File", with this file a client (on the VIP side of Netscaler) can now connect but cant' enumerate applications.


AuthManLog says:


Description: There was a problem accessing the HTTP server.
Exception type: HTTP exception
Detail: WinHttpSendRequest; result code: 12029; description: 'A connection with the server could not be established'; url: 'https://gw.domain.xx/AGServices/discover'
    CWindowsHttpTransaction2::CheckedSendAndReceive url='https://gw.domain.xx/AGServices/discover'
    During CServerProbe::Execute while probing https://gw.domain.xx/Citrix/Roaming/Accounts  


Why for application probing  the gateway url is being used instead of Storefront URL "https://storefront.domain.local" ?


I suppose the main problem it's here.



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