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Complete, exact example of syntax for specifying an LVM volume as boot volume in Xen

Steven Lembark


Would like to install Xen w/ linux 5.2; 4-CPU, 48-core opterion w/ 128GiB.

I can get the kernel configured to the point where it seems bootable.

One thing I cannot find:  An exact, complete, no-fillers, no approximiate, *complete* example of syntax for specifying the boot volume for Xen on LVM.

There are syntax examples I can find online for using a *partition* but I have not been able to substitute any combination of /dev/vg00/xen_root, /dev/mapper/vg00-xen_root, or permuations on their paths into the examples I can find that will actually boot Xen.


Q: Does someone have a complete example of the syntax for specifying the boot volume if the absolute path to it is "/dev/vg00/xen_root"?



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